Drudgery Perceived by Women Labourers in Farm Operations

P.P. Wankhade, D.M. Mankar, N.M. Kale and Y.B. Shambharkar


The Present research investigation was carried out in Washim district of Maharashtra with Exploratory Design of Social Research. The list of villages was obtained from Washim and Risod Panchayat Samities. From the list, five villages from Washim and five villages from Risod was selected randomly. From each village, 10 women labourer were selected randomly. Thus a sample of 100 women labourer was selected for the present study. Findings reveled that majority of women labourer were faced most drudgery in the activities of stubble collection, sowing, threshing of crop, cutting of standing crop, and weeding. Further it was observed that majority of the (95.00%) respondents faced moderate drudgery, followed by 05.00 per cent of them who felt the work highly drudging. However, it is surprisingly to note that none of the respondents found in low category of drudgery. Findings of relational analysis revealed that the respondents with middle aged, average wages received, increasing in size of family, family type, working condition, and more distance of work place from residence, and pattern of employment had influenced on increase in the degree of drudgery involved in the farm operations as faced by women labourer. Further it was found that out of 13 variables, the family size, wages received, working conditions had significant, contribution in reducing the drudgery.

Keyword: Drudgery; Women labourer; Farm operations;

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