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Dimensions of Group Dynamics Effectiveness of Self Help Groups of Rural Women in Haryana

Shashi Vashisht , Kumud Khanna, Renu Arora and Nirmala Yadav


Swaranjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) aims to organize rural women below poverty line into self-help groups with the perspective of bringing every assisted family above the poverty line in three years .In establishing micro-enterprises under SGSY, the emphasis is given on group and cluster approach .Group dynamics is the internal nature of the group. It becomes very important to study the group dynamics of these enterprises to look into whether the nature and functioning of the project addresses the problems and needs of rural women. Extent to which the rural women have been mobilized and organized, their size and structures, working of the group and impact of group dynamics on the effectiveness of SHGs micro-enterprises. District Gurgaon in Haryana state was selected as locale for conducting the study. Eighteen SHGs from 3 blocks with 190 members were selected for the study. The data revealed that the performance of individual member was found to be low, but the SHGs were found to be very dynamic, which indicate that they could take up all the activities to a high degree of satisfaction. On the contrary, individual member was not able to perform all the activities satisfactorily on her/his own

Keyword: Group Dynamics; Micro-ent

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