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Differential Effects of Entrepreneurship Development Program on Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

Geeta P. Channal and K.V. Natikar


The study was conducted to know the differential effect of entrepreneurship development programmes on dimensions of entrepreneurship. Six main dimensions viz, leadership ability, decision making, confidence level, management orientation, the establishment of enterprise and growth/expansion of enterprise were selected by consulting the experts and review of the literature. The component growth/expansion of enterprise got the highest mean score 84.05 for trained entrepreneurs whereas, the establishment of enterprise got the highest mean score 68.57 for untrained entrepreneurs and the highest index value was found in confidence level 72.93 for trained and decision index 67.53 for untrained. The total impact index values were 70.15 for trained and 58.60 for untrained entrepreneurs. The ‘t’ value for the trained and untrained entrepreneurs was significant and higher than the untrained entrepreneurs. This shows there is a difference in entrepreneurial qualities of trained and untrained entrepreneurs.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education,Entrepreneurship Development Program, Dimensions of entrepreneurship.

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