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Differential Adoption of Scientific Dairy Farming Practices and Related Constraints

Ashish Santosh Murai and B. K. Singh


The nation still needs to adopt and follow better technologies of dairy farming to meet the growing demand for milk. This is the purpose sought in imparting the Scientific Dairy Farming training. But, parallel to imparting training it is of paramount importance to examine the level of adoption and the constraints faced by them in adopting various scientific technologies. In the present study, comparison of adoption and constraints perceived in Scientific Dairy Farming by Ex-trainees of KVK and the non-trainee was carried out. Sixty Ex-trainee and sixty non-trainee dairy farmers were selected at random from the villages of Karnal district of Haryana. The data was collected through personal interview with the help of a structured schedule. The ex-trainees were found to have better adoption than non-trainees. The respondents faced more constraints in breeding and health care. Some of the major constraints mentioned by the respondents were poor results of Artificial Insemination, lack of knowledge of common contagious diseases, their causes and control measures and non- availability of mineral mixture in the area. The present investigation concluded that scientific dairy farming training programme had positive impact on adoption of technologies by dairy farmers despite of many constraints

Keyword: Dairy farming; Training;

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