Device to measure extension education orientation of postgraduate scholars

Naveenkumar, G and Chauhan, N.B.


Extension Education orientations defined as the degree of willingness to accept profession of academician or trainer to develop different types of extension human resources needed to work as an extension workforce. Extension education is the fundamental academic activity to be undertaken in extension to develop necessary human resources to work as extension educationists, extension workers, extension service provider and extension trainer. Till today there was no any tool to measure the orientation of Postgraduate scholars towards Extension education. Keeping this in view a standardized scale has been developed to measure the orientation of the postgraduate scholars towards extension education as one of the important components of extension. A summated (likert) rating scale was been developed. The process started with identifying the dimension, collection of items followed by relevancy and item analysis and checking the reliability and validity for precision and consistency of the results. A total of 22 statements were framed in which finally 10 statements were finally retained which has practical applicability in measuring the attitude of postgraduate scholars towards extension education. The scale contains total ten statements, out of which five are positive and five are negative. The scale developed was found well reliable. Key words: Extension education; Willingness; Academician; Extension trainer;

Keyword: extension education orientation, postgraduate scholars, Academician, Extension trainer

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