Development of Scale for Measuring Attitude of ExtensionPersonnel towards Bhoochetana Programme

Nagesh and Meti. S.K


A scale was constructed to measure the attitude of the Extension Personnel ’s towards Bhoochetana programme in Raichur, Koppal and Bellary district of Hyderabad- Karnataka region of Karnataka state. Likert ’s summated rating scale technique was followed for construction of attitude scale. The validity of the scale was examined with the help of face and content validity. Split half method was followed for testing reliability of the scale and reliability co-efficient of the scale was 0.81. Hence, the scale is reliable and can produce consistent results. The scale so developed finally consists of 29 statements including 19 positive and 10 negative statements.

Keyword: Attitude; Like rt ’s summated rating scale; Validity and Reliability

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