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Development of Multimedia WhatsApp Module for Dairy Farmers in Haridwar District of Uttarakhand

Sakshi Bhatt, Arpita Sharma Kandpal and Sunil Kumar


Livestock is a key element of agriculture, with a symbiotic relationship that enhances overall food security. Small and marginal farmers, who own limited land and a few cattle or buffaloes, contribute over 70% of India's milk production. By promoting dairy farming, social and economic transformations can occur, resulting in improved livelihoods and development patterns that can lead to the economic growth of the country. Today, the development of an individual or a society is based on access to information In India, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has emerged as a primary source of knowledge and information, with the potential to transform the social and economic development of livestock, agriculture, and rural artisans. They are useful for retrieving the latest knowledge, and quick dissemination of information to livestock holders and dairy farmers. The most preferred information, which is effective in understanding, should be in the local language. The knowledge gap regarding scientific dairy practices and farmers’ ignorance towards recent advances like social media and ICTs was questioned seriously. At, this juncture, farmers’ awareness and knowledge about scientific dairy practices play very crucially in deciding the upcoming course of action. Therefore, the present research was conducted in the Tarai region i.e. Haridwar, district of Uttarakhand with the purpose of developing a Multimedia module and secondly, assessing the effectiveness by testing the knowledge level of farmers before and after disseminating the Multimedia WhatsApp module.

Keyword: Multimedia WhatsApp module; Scientific dairy practices; Dairy farmers.

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