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Development of Knowledge Test Regarding Method of Preparation of Traditional Dairy Products

Devayan Chatterjee, S.K. Jha and Sanjit Maiti


The preparation of the milk products appeals more to the changing demands of the consumers. So, it may be argued that the manufacturing of traditional dairy products could fetch additional income to farmers besides providing considerable employment opportunities; but even then only limited amount of milk is value added at the household level, in the villages due to the low level of awareness about value-addition in milk, at the village level. In this context a knowledge test was required to be developed in order to access the knowledge level of the respondents. A sample of 60 respondents was selected involved in the preparation of two dairy products. Data were collected through personal interview method. So, in order to assess the knowledge level of the people a knowledge test was developed by collecting items and analyzing them using discrimination index and difficulty index. So, finally 11 statements were selected for the final evaluation of the respondents.

Keyword: Knowledge test; Traditional dairy products (TDP);

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