Development of an Index to Measure the Farmers’ Perception towards Input Dealers as Para Extension Workers

Madhu Latha C , K.S. Kadian , B.S. Meena


This study measured the perception of farmers towards Input dealers who has undergone the diploma course as para extension workers by developing an index adopting a systematic procedure; four indicators under this index were selected namely Information, Quality of services, DAESI as para extension model, and Transfer of technology. The Normalised Rank Order Method was used for determining the scale values. These dimensions were ranked according to judge's perceived significance and proportions were calculated accordingly while determining the values for each, by Guilford table. To measure the perception, 65 statements under four indicators were selected, due care was taken to include all relevant items. Out of 65 statements under selected indicators, 40 were retained for item analysis. Based on the rating of 30 judges, mean relevancy and overall mean relevancy scores were calculated. The statements having relevancy weightage (RW) > 0.85 and Mean Relevancy Score (MRS) greater than the Grand Mean Relevancy Score i.e., 2.25 were considered for inclusion in Perception Index and finally 20 indicators were included.

Keyword: Perception Index; DAESI; Farmers; Input dealers; Para extension workers.

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