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Development of a Scale to Measure Tribal Farm Women’s Knowledge on Fruit Production Practices in Arunachal Pradesh

Toko Jumi, Juliana Sarmah and Pallabi Bora


The knowledge test was developed to measure the knowledge of tribal farm women of Arunachal Pradesh regarding fruit production. After substantial literature review 60 items were selected covering all important aspects of fruit production. The prepared item was precisely examined and revised by a panel of experts in the fi eld of horticulture and extension education. Some items were reframed based of the suggestions made by the experts. The 58 items were considered for initial testing for developing a knowledge scale and were put down for item analysis. The prepared test was administered to 90 tribal farm women of Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh for pre-testing through personal interview method from September- October 2021. Scores of one (1) and zero (0) were given for correct and incorrect responses respectively. For item analysis, item difficulty index and item discrimination index were calculated. For establishing internal validity of the knowledge check, point biserial correlation coefficient (rpbis) was found. Test of reliability was determined by Spearman Brown formula. The fi nal scale consisted of 35 items placed under six fruit production messages namely, land preparation and planting, inter-culture operations, nutrient management, management of pest and diseases, harvesting and post-harvesting.

Keyword: Knowledge; Fruit Production; Tribal farm women.

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