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Development and Standardization of A Scale for Livestock Based Farming

Satyapriya, Jitendra Chauhan, P. Sharma, Vikash Kumar and Ashok Kumar


The commonly used available scales for measurement of socio economic status (SES) mainly focused on the respondents practicing crop cultivation. It is irrelevant and not instrumental for research focusing fodder development or farmer-practicing livestock based activity. The socio-economic condition to them and bio-physical factors associated with the fodder production or livestock raising is totally different from those of farmers practicing crop based activity. Keeping in view a project was carried on at IGFRI with the objective to develop a cross regionally applicable scale for the purpose of enlisting true measures of Socio-economic Status of farmer practicing livestock based farming and applicable in multicultural setup. In three steps this scale has been developed i.e Item generation (Occupation, Education, Social Participation, Land, Housing type, Material possession, Family, Livestock Ownership, Credit linkage and Family Income Per Month), Scale Development (Relevance evaluation of SES indicators by the experts, Suitably modification in the indicators as suggested by the experts, weighted score for every alternative of the profile by the experts than validation of the final draft (Reliability and validity) was done on sufficient no of sample size in multicultural set up. Hence, first time a scale has been developed to measure socio economic status of farmers who engaged in livestock keeping, which is very much helpful to academician, policy makers or students in conducting social researches or developing any policies for livestock farmers

Keyword: SES (Socio economic status) , Scale, Livestock based farming, Reliability and Validity Socio economic status (SE

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