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Developing a Framework of Social Audit for Evaluating Projects on Climate Resilient Agriculture in Malawi, Africa

Joseph Timothy Before, Jiju P. Alex and Ajitha, T.K


An expo-facto research was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of projects on climate resilient agriculture that are being implemented in Phalombe district, Malawi and to analyze the outcomes, constraints and impact of selected projects, with the objective of formulating a framework of social audit for evaluating such projects. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 120 respondents from three Extension Planning Areas of Tamani, Kasongo and Mpinda and also 15 staff from the three NGOs that were selected for the study. The research results showed that mostly females (78.3%) participated in climate resilient projects. It was also revealed that many people who participated in climate resilient agriculture projects were married and most of them had education only upto primary school level (84.2%). The perception of the beneficiaries on severity of constraints showed that there was high degree of concordance among the 120 respondents. The study also showed that in order to make social audit process for climate resilient agriculture projects in Malawi effective, all actors should take part in the process. It could also be found that effective and transparent social audit of climate resilient programmes require close examination of training programmes, muster rolls, materials procured, input distribution (quantity), cash distribution (amount) and funding.

Keyword: Climate resilient, social audit, beneficiaries, stakeholders.

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