Determinates of Scientific Productivity of Agricultural Scientists

L. Manjunath and Shashidahra.K.K.


The present study was conducted in 14 institutions under the control of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad in Karnataka. Most of the teachers (86.57 %), and extension workers (80.95 %) and majority of the researchers (71.43 %) were found to have medium level of job perspective. Majority of the teachers (70.15 %), researchers (59.52 %) and extension workers (66.67 %) were found in the medium level of teaching productivity category. It was noticed that 79.11 per cent of teachers, 71.43 per cent of researchers and 66.67 per cent of extension workers belonged to medium level of research productivity category. Considerable of higher per cent of extension workers (61.90 %), teachers (58.21 %) and researchers (57.14 %) belonged to medium extension productivity category. Most of the researchers (83.33 %), teachers (68.66 %) and extension workers (66.67 %) belonged to medium level of overall scientific productivity category

Keyword: Extension workers; Teachi

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