Determinants in Predicting Adoption of Scientific Management Practices Among Osmanabadi Goat Keepers

Abhishek Randhave , Narendra Khode , Sharad Avhad and Sudhakar Awandkar


The present ex-post-facto study was purposively conducted in the home tract of Osmanabadi goat to ascertain the adoption of scientific goat management practices by Osmanabadi goat keepers and factors influencing it. The results revealed that a greater proportion of Osmanabadi goat keepers had never adopted practices like record keeping, insurance, weaning, de-ticking, feeding of the mineral mixture, and concentrate. The adoption of scientific goat management practices was at a medium (44.17 – 52.51 indices) extent among the majority. Training participation, mass media, and flock size significantly contributed in predicting adoption of scientific goat management practices. Training participation had shown the highest direct and indirect effects over adoption. Extension agencies should organize more effective trainings, encourage broad participation, and use intensive mass media to spread technologies to enhance the adoption of scientific goat management practices among Osmanabadi goat keepers belonging to the Latur region.

Keyword: Adoption; Determinants; Osmanabadi goat keepers; Management practices.

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