Determinants and Constraints Affecting Training Effectiveness for Enhancing Core Competencies of Extension Personnel: An Analytical Study in Kerala

S. Aiswarya , Monika Wason , R.N. Padaria , D.U.M. Rao , R. Gills , Priti Priyadarshini and Bishal Gurung


Training is the furthermost investment in building human resources. An attempt was made to study the determinants and constraints affecting for enhancing core competencies of extension personnel in Kerala. Three training institutions: Community Agrobiodiversity Center (under an NGO), SAMETI (under State Department) and CTI (under SAU) were chosen for the study. Purposive and Random Sampling were carried out for the study. The sample consisted of trainers from three different training institutes. Four different training programmes related to core competency development being organized during 2017-18 were selected purposively from each of the three training institutes. Five trainees for each training programmes were selected randomly with a sample size of twenty from each institute making sixty as total sample size. Personal interview and focus group discussion methods were also used as tools for data collection. Ten factors were listed based on the review of literature and consultation with experts that were thought to affect the effectiveness of training. Tobit regression was used to identify the factors affecting the effectiveness of training. Three factors were found to affect the effectiveness of training according to trainers that were locus of control, improvement in job performance and satisfaction and training need index.

Keyword: Core Competencies; Training; Effectiveness; Tobit Regression; Locus of control; Training need index.

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