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Designing, Validation and Evaluation of Self Instructional e-Module on Photography for Online Learning

Monica Singh, Varinder Randhawa and A.P. Singh


In the era of information technology real photographs play a crucial role in communication. Photograph is called a ‘Universal Language’. It has been widely used in past, is being used today and will be used in future for conveying message, instruction and information. In a country like ours with every state having different language and dialect changing every where, masses especially extension workers face problems in communicating with people especially rural people where national language and technical language is of no help. However, photographs can help to communicate with them with ease and gain proper understanding, thus proving the saying ‘A photograph speaks a thousand words’. Taking all this into consideration it was decided to design e-module on photography. To make the structural outline for multimedia application, the script was developed. The script was checked and validated by content experts. This script was developed by using modular approach. After finalizing script storyboarding was done. The actual multimedia elements i.e. text graphics, videos were developed separately using suitable software’s. After development of multimedia element screen development work of designing was undertaken. Integrations of all these multimedia elements were done in HTML format using Front Page as authoring tool. Testing of e-module appropriateness was done by 20 judges five each from Extension Education, Home Science, Communication and Information Technology discipline. The e-module thus prepared, can be used by anyone who is interested in gaining cognition and improving his/her skill regarding photography. Considering the shift in extension education curriculum teachers can use it as teaching resource and to prepare e-learning resources and instructional media. Also, it can be used by extension personnel to convey a point or message to vast illiterate rural population of our country

Keyword: Multimedia; e-module; Pho

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