Designing and Evaluating the Extent of Application of e-Learning Module of Climate-Smart Horticulture on High-Value Horticultural Crops of Arunachal Pradesh

Bai Koyu , R.J. Singh and Ram Singh


e-learning is the foundation of current edutainment and civilization. e-learning is a modern tool in agriculture/ horticulture to spread specific knowledge to farmers as well as scientific information. Assuming the important aspect of e-learning, the purpose of this study was to determine the extent of e-learning module implementation on Climate-smart horticulture (CSH) on high-value horticultural crops viz., Apple, Kiwi, and Large Cardamom. The research was carried out in two districts of Arunachal Pradesh, namely West Kameng and Lower Subansiri. A total of 200 horticultural farmers were selected for the study. An e-learning module on CSH was developed using Adobe Captivate software based on the knowledge level, attitude, and information need of the respondents on the identified crops. In the study, it could be stated that there was a high extent of application of e-learning on cSH on high-value horticultural crops by respondents using the e-learning module on CSH. The results of a structural equation modeling (SEM) showed that user satisfaction had a positive significant influence on intention to use an e-learning module.

Keyword: Climate-smart horticulture; e-learning module; Adobe Captivate; Structural equation modeling

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