Decline of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) Cultivation in North Kerala: An Analysis of the Impact, its Determinants and Constraints

M. V. Sajeev and A.V. Meera Manjusha


The study measured social and economic benefits accrued of cashew cultivation in relation to decline of cashew cultivation and constraints faced by cashew farmers in North Kerala. An ‘ex-post-facto cause to effect’ design was used and findings indicated that most cashew farmers derived poor socio-economic benefits particularly with high social benefits in comparison to low economic benefits. High levels of social participation, extension participation, mass media exposure and opinion leadership were measured among majority of the farmers practicing cashew cultivation. Impact on cropping pattern, labour engagement and farm expenditure were found to be low while increase in family incomes and expenditure were reported.

Keyword: Socio-economic Impact; Determinants; Constraints; Cashew farmers; North Kerala

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