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Dairy Farmers' Satisfaction with Dairy Cooperative Societies : A Case Study

Nishi, A. K. Sah, and Ram Kumar


To assess the dairy farmers’ satisfaction with dairy cooperative societies (DCSs), a research study was conducted covering eight selected DCSs in Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF), Uttar Pradesh. Majority of member farmers were modest in participating different activities of the DCSs. The average herd size among the respondents of the study area was seven dairy animals per household. The good quantity of milk produced and sold by member farmers to the societies indicates the commercial viability of dairy farming in the area. About one third of the respondents were happy with the functioning of societies. Organizational participation, market potential and economic motivation were found to have strong influence on the satisfaction level of farmers; however, the prevailing constraints negatively contributed towards farmers’ satisfaction with the functioning of DCSs

Keyword: PCDF; DCSs; Dairy farmers

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