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Critical Analysis of Information Sources and Channels Preferred by Rapeseed-Mustard Farmers

Ashok Kumar Sharma, S.K. Jha, Vinod Kumar, R.C. Sachan and Arvind Kumar


An effective communication or information is pre-requisite for adoption of an innovation or a technology. The present study was conducted in 2003-04 to study the utilization and credibility pattern of information sources and channels by the rapeseed-mustard farmers in Rajasthan. The 350 rapeseed-mustard growers from five districts of Rajasthan were interviewed. The study reported that personal localite sources like neighbours, friends, progressive farmers and opinion leaders were playing important role in transfer of rapeseed-mustard technologies to the fellow farmers. These sources with high credibility were widely used by majority of the respondents. The most revealing finding of the study is that VLWs or Agriculture Supervisors had lost their credibility among the farmers while the input dealers and agents of commercial seed, fertilizers, plant protection, etc., played a critical role in information network of rapeseed mustard farmers, however their credibility is low. It was important to note that scientists and agriculture officers were perceived a much credible source of information by rapeseed-mustard farmers, however these sources were less accessible to the farmers. Further, the increasing literacy rate and easy accessibility of the mass media channels resulted in increased utilization of these media by the farmers

Keyword: Information sources and c

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