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Credibility of Farm Information Disseminated Through Newspapers and Radio Programme: A Case Study

Biswajit Lahiri and Siddhartha D. Mukhopadhyay


The potentiality of mass media in farm information communication is needed to be exploited to its fullest extent, to transfer the agricultural technology to the end users in order to overcome the menace of food insecurity. Among the different mass media, newspapers and radio have some relative advantages in terms of cost effectiveness and wide coverage. But the credibility of the farm information communicated through these two media has always been under scanner. The present study was conducted on farm information communicated in four widely circulated Bengali newspapers of West Bengal, and three daily farm broadcast of All India Radio, Kolkata, to study the credibility aspects of farm information communicated through selected newspapers and radio programme from technical and farmers’ point of view. A sample of 200 farm information each, from four selected Bengali newspapers published during the study period and three Bengali farm radio programmes were selected randomly from the total farm information communicated during the study period. A total of 200 farmer respondents were selected through proportionate random sampling in order to study the credibility of farm information communicated through selected newspapers and farm radio programmes. The study revealed that in terms of credibility issues radio was found more credible medium than that of newspapers from both technical and farmers’ point of view

Keyword: Farmers’ preferences; Credibility study; Farm information; Newspapers; Radio; Factor analysis;

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