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Correlatiing Growth, Yield and Adoption of Urdbean Technologies

Mokidul Islam, A. K. Mohanty and Sanjay Kumar


Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) on urdbean were undertaken by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Sikkim, ICAR Sikkim Centre, Ranipool in the district for 4 consecutive years starting from 2005 to 2008 during the kharif season in 20 villages spreading over 14 blocks to disseminate the improved agro-technology of urdbean for boosting productivity and to asses the economic viability and technological feasibility of the latest urdbean production technologies over the existing one. The highest seed yield (1340 kg ha-1) was recorded under FLD in the year 2006 as against 890 kg ha-1 under farmers’ practices. Fifty four percent increase in the yield was obtained under FLD over farmers’ practice during the year 2007. The lowest yield of 812 kg ha-1 was registered under FLD vis-à-vis 530 kg ha-1 in farmers’ practices during 2008. The result revealed that even in case of lowest yield under FLD, the increase was recorded to be 43 per cent over the farmers’ practice in the year 2005. The economic viability and profitability showed that the benefit cost ratio (B: C) was higher in the case of improved agro-technologies (FLD) with 2.60 as against 1.94 in farmers’ practice (FP). The net return from improved agro-technologies (FLD) was Rs. 20,005 ha-1 as against Rs. 1, 2205 ha-1 from farmers’ practices. The variation in agro-climatic parameters as well as locations of FLD programme was effective in changing the attitude, skill and knowledge of the farmers for adoption of improved technology/HYV of urdbean and further wide scale diffusion to the other farmers. It also improved the relationship between the farmers and scientist and built confidence between them

Keyword: Urdbean; FLD programme; F

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