Correlates of Winter Vegetable Production in North 24 Paragana District of West Bengal

G. Mazumder, J.K.Das, K. Pradhan and R. Ghosal


The present paper envisages the valuable adoption issues of appropriate scientific cultivation of winter vegetables in a socio-cultural milieu. The present study was conducted at the Barasat block in North 24 paragana district of West Bengal. Purposive as well as simple random sampling techniques were adopted for the study. Adoption index being the dependent variable of the study explores the adoption behaviour of the winter vegetable growers and other thirteen socio-economic, socio-personal and communication variables were considered as the independent variables to establish the relational niche with the dependent one. The data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule and were processed into frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, correlation analysis et c. to draw the conclusion of the study. The correlation analysis of study revealed that the selected causal variables age, education, family size, family education status, land holding, land under winter vegetables, land under other crops, economic status, social participation, herd size, vegetable yield, income from other crops, income from winter vegetable were significantly associated with the adoption index for delineating the adoption behaviour of the winter vegetable growers

Keyword: Adoption behaviour; Adopt

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