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Correlates of Leisure Time Activities of Farmers

D. K. Pandey, A. D. Upadhaya and B. P. Mishra


The current decade has witnessed rapid technological changes and advancement through science and technology and attained great strides by enabling the country’s head high through defense, food and economic security. These technological advancements have also created some unfavourable impact on society through enhancing the leisure time especially for rural youths. “Leisure an activity to which the individuals may freely devote himself outside the needs and obligation of his occupation, his family and society for his recreation, diversion and personal developmentâ€ ( Dumazedier 1960). The study was carried out in the 5 village of Basti district (UP) by using multi stage sampling techniques and other essential statistical tools. The study reveals that all respondents have leisure hours which have been utilized in non productive and personal purposes. The statistical analysis further reflects that caste, social participation and farm power having significant association with dependent variable and it was felt that there is the need to revive the Yuvak Mangal Dal and Mahila Mangal Dal and other organization to utilize the leisure hours in the interest of community and their quality of life

Keyword: Leisure time; Farmers; Ac

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