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Content Analysis of Farm Information Communicated Through Selected Radio Programme

Biswajit Lahiri and Siddharthe D. Mukhopadhyay


In a country like India, the coverage of agriculture in print and electronic media is very negligible, though two third of our population depends on agriculture. Since its invention, radio has been regarded one of the strongest electronic media in terms of dissemination of farm information to the resource poor, less educated and illiterate farmers in different parts of the world. In the present context, the study was formulated with objectives to assess the comparative orientation and importance given to farm information by selected radio programme and to study the farmers’ preferences regarding the type of farm information broadcasted through different radio programme. A detailed content analysis of the three farm programme, broadcasted by All India Radio, Kolkata at 456.6 Band and 657 KHz during April 2010 to March 2011 was done. Farm programme were divided into different categories and sub-categories. Simultaneously, two hundred farmers were selected by probability proportion method from all three sub-division of the districts of Birbhum, West Bengal to study the farmers’ preferences. Sample farmers were interviewed with structured interview schedule during the study period. The study results revealed that most of the farm information was broadcasted under the ‘Deliberation’ category and as such on seasonality observed in terms of dissemination of farm information. Under different categories, ‘Technology Transfer’, ‘Rural Development’, Health and Sanitation’, ‘Rural Youth’, ‘Farm Women’ and ‘Success Story’ were covered by the radio programme, whereas farmers’ mostly preferred farm information regarding ‘Technology Transfer’, ‘Rural Development’, ‘Agricultural Marketing’ and ‘Weather Forecast

Keyword: Content analysis; Radio Programme

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