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Construction of Scale to Measure Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Farm Operations of Tapioca Growers in Kerala & Andhra Pradesh

Kotha Rajesh and Smitha K.P.


The impact of COVID-19 and resultant lockdown were quite harsh on agriculture sector of India. Tapioca and plantain farmers suffered the most in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh during COVID-19 pandemic. In this context the present study was conducted to develop a scale to measure impact of COVID-19 pandemic on pre farmgate-post farmgate operations of tapioca growers in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Four dimensions were identified based on literature review & expert opinion for easy classification and measuring the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. A total 200 statements under four dimensions of impact of COVID-19 pandemic was collected, out of these 80 consistent statements were selected through relevancy test. Out of 80 statements, these 43 statements were retained on the final scale through t-test item analysis. Reliability and validity of the scale indicates its consistency and precision of the results. This scale was found to be reliable and valid.

Keyword: Farmer; Likert scale; COVID-19 pandemic; Tapioca.

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