Construction and Standardization of Knowledge Test for Broiler Farmers Regarding Scientific Broiler Farming Practices

Rita Bharti and M.P. Sagar


An appropriate knowledge test is required to evaluate the knowledge level of poultry farmers over the period as no scientifically tested and validated standard instrument is available to measure the knowledge of poultry farmers practicing broiler farming. Therefore, to study the knowledge level of broiler farmers on broiler farming, a test was constructed. Items for the knowledge test were collected from different sources, such as literature, scientists, professional colleagues, fi eld extension personnel, experienced farmers, the private veterinary professional who works in the poultry industry, and the researcher’s own experience in scientific broiler farming. Initially 108 items on various aspects of broiler farming “i.e.” brooding, feeding, housing, health & bio-security, and market management” were selected. Questions were subjected to concerned scientists and extension personnel for screening out unrelated items. After screening and editing based on the view of the scientists and extension personnel 86 items were retained. These 86 items were administered to the 60 broiler farmers from non-sampling areas for item analysis to screen out non-relevant and weak items. Item analysis was carried out using the difficulty and discrimination index. A total of 42 items were selected for the last format of the knowledge test. Further, all the items were subjected to check out reliability and validity. The knowledge level of farmers was determined by the summation of correct responses to the items. This knowledge test is highly reliable, stable, very simple, and easy to use.

Keyword: Knowledge test for broiler farmers; Aiken’s validity coefficient.

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