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Constraints Perceived in Using Online Platform for Agricultural Certificate Courses

K.S. Purnima and K. Bhagyalakshmi


The online platform is an important dimension of Agricultural education being focused by the Open and Distance learning center established by Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University in the year 2018. The study focused on the constraints perceived by the participants of the courses in using the online medium of learning for all the skill-oriented certificate courses – Organic Farming, Bee Keeping, Mushroom Cultivation and Terrace Gardening. The present study was conducted with 240 randomly selected participants of four courses (60 farmers, 60 students,60 employees and 60 Others), each of 2 months duration. The findings of the study showed that the overall perception of the respondents about the online courses to be effective (49.58%) followed by highly effective (45.42%) while a meagre number (5%) perceived the online course as less effective. The constraint analysis of the respondents in utilizing the online platform revealed that among Technical constraints, Lack of adequate scope for hands-on experience was the major constraint, among personal constraints, online course certificate has no value was the major constraint and among attitudinal constraints, personal anxiety in use of technology was the major constraint expressed. Chi-square test revealed that Age, Education, Computer literacy and online training experience had significantly influenced respondents’ constraints to online learning courses. The study implied addressing these areas to improve the course effectiveness.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Online Platform for Agricultural Courses, Agricultural Certificate Courses

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