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Constraints in Role Performance of Gram Panchayat in Agriculture and Dairy Farming

Sudipta Paul and Ritu Chakravarty


A study was conducted in Hooghly district of West Bengal to find out and prioritize the constraints in role performance of Gram Panchayats in agriculture and dairy farming. The total number of respondents (Gram Panchayat members including the Pradhans) selected for the study was 80. An open ended schedule was devised to identify and Garrett ranking technique (1981) was used to prioritize the constraints. The results of the study show that lack of maintenance of resource inventory, provision of funds mostly by the end of the financial year, non-availability of committed cash and kind in matching amount at the appropriate time, sub-standard quality of production inputs, inadequate availability of technical and non technical man-power, inadequate and lack of timely availability of production inputs, lack of technical know-how, lack of viable and need oriented projects, insufficient computer facilities etc. were among the most important perceived constraints

Keyword: Identification; Prioritiz

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