R. P. Dwivedi, Jitendra Chauhan , K. Kareemulla, R.H. Rizvi, Ramesh Singh and K. Dwivedi


The success of agroforestry largely depends upon the marketing of agroforestry products. In the present study farmers’ constraints related to marketing of agro-forestry products were investigated. The study was conducted with the twin objectives i.e. (i) to find out the problems faced by farmers in marketing of agro-forestry products and (ii) to study farmers’ opinion about marketing of agroforestry produce. The present study was conducted in four villages namely Ladva, Lakhanauti, Chandrolli and Devla at Puwarka block of Saharanpur district of western Uttar Pradesh. The data were collected with the help of a structured and pre-tested interview schedule from one hundred and twenty randomly selected farmers. More agro-forestry marketing activities need to be organized to inculcate the importance of agroforestry among the common farmers. Government regulations on felling of trees from agroforestry lands and transport of agroforestry produce has to be carefully deregulated to benefit various strata of farming community. The various problems related to marketing of agroforestry products reported were: illegal charges by forest officials on the route; police department creates obstacles even for the permitted items; non availability of co-operatives of agroforestry practicing farmers; lack of market information to the farmers e.g. price announcement, seasonal changes in prices, rate of agroforestry products, etc., lack of risk bearing ability resulted in the sale of produce to the village level local traders. There is a need for organized agroforestry marketing efforts to get the benefits of agroforestry systems among farming community. Farmers desired financial assistance necessary for marketing of agroforestry products.

Keyword: Agroforestry; Land management; Marketing; Agroforestry products

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