Constraints in Adoption of Soybean Production Technology

Ishwar Singh, K.K. Singh and U S Gautam


The study was conducted in the eight villages of two blocks (four each) of Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh during the year 2009-2010. The finding of study reveals that the constraints related with personal matter farmers reported that lack of education (67.72%) and lacks of knowledge (54.05%) were the major constraint. Problem of non availability of credit at proper time and non availability of proper amount in credit were important socio-economic constraints .The study also indicated that the lack of social participation and lack of risk bearing capacity were major socio-psychological constraint. As far as the communicational constraints were concerned, lack of information at proper amount was found a major constraint followed Lack of information in proper time and non availability of information media. The study also shows the technological constraints due to which the rate of adoption is low. It was observed about 91.72 per cent respondents reported the lack of irrigation facility as the major constraints.

Keyword: Socio-economic constraints; Social participation ; Lack of risk bearing capacity; Socio-psychological constraint; Communicational constraints;

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