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Constraints in Adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices by Rice Growing Farmers of Jammu Division

Gulshan Kumari


Numbers of farmers have been trained in the 14 weeks rice IPM-FFS programme. Despite it, adoption of IPM is low owing to a number of constraints. So, the present study was conducted on 240 IPM trained rice growers of Jammu division to identify the constraints in the adoption of IPM practices. The study revealed that the respondents were facing number of constraints that restricted their action towards adoption of IPM practices. Lack of knowledge, lack of skill, the laborious and complex nature of IPM practices and non-availability of inputs and tools of IPM were the major constraints reported by the respondents. Small farm size and lack of information about recent pest management strategies, extension services, involvement of IPM experts, community participation were also reported by respondents as major constraints. Therefore, it is suggested to re-orient the IPM-FFS programme and provide the farmers’ skill oriented training of IPM and emphasis should be given to practices where the farmers need knowledge and skill which in turn can facilitate the adoption of IPM practices

Keyword: Integrated pest managemen

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