Poonam Parihar and S. P. Singh


The study was undertaken with the objective to study the constraints faced by the women entrepreneurs in Jammu District of J&K. Data collection was done between October 2001 to October 2002. The sample consisted of 240 women entrepreneurs. 83.33% women entrepreneurs favoured the establishment of units near their homes and were reluctant to go to far off. 82.5% of women entrepreneurs faced financial problem since they could rarely provide collateral security, which is required to get bank credits. 62.5 % of women entrepreneurs were not aware of the incentives meant for them. A significant portion i.e. 58.33% women entrepreneurs faced negative attitude of society. In the present study, only 16.66% women entrepreneurs faced problems on account of their counterparts rather they were found to be supportive. It is observed that 82.5% women entrepreneurs did not acquire any training before establishment of their projects. 87.5% women entrepreneurs came across the problem of marketing of both raw material and finished goods. 92.91% of women entrepreneurs revealed that the support of Government was inadequate. 59.58% of women entrepreneurs expressed that family constraints did not allow a woman to be a successful entrepreneur. Problems will always exist and need to be tackled as a challenge in good spirit. Women entrepreneurs need to reorient their attitude and promote leadership qualities in order to take decisions.

Keyword: Women entrepreneurs; Incentives; Security; Reorient

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