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Constraints Faced by the Farmers in the Adoption of Crop Rotation in Ayodhya District

Rohit, Prakash Singh, Harish Chandra Singh, Kumari Asha


Crop rotation is an agronomic practice of growing a series of different types of crops in the same area in a sequential season. Crop rotation is one of the most important practises in organic farming and carbon sequestration. It improves the soil’s physical and chemical properties and also changes the biological environment of the soil. Farmers face obstacles to adopt diverse crop rotation systems. Farmers face numerous barriers when it comes to adopt new or unfamiliar practises such as modified crop rotations. These include market and financial barriers, constraints regarding crop insurance and loans, technical and informational barriers and so on. Major constraints faced by the farmers in knowledge and adoption of crop rotation were ‘Estray animal’, ‘Lack of resources’, ‘Small land holding’ ,‘Difficult to maintain multiple activity of crop rotation’ etc. Here, ranking technique is used to determine the most important factor influencing the response. Main aim of this paper is to identify the barriers in the adoption of crop rotation as well as potential solutions.

Keyword: Constraints; Adoption; Crop rotation; Garret ranking.

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