Constraints Faced by the Farmers Adopting Paddy-Fish Farming System in Bishnupur District of Manipur

Thongam Kanyalaxmi Devi and Soibam Basanta Singh


The study attempts to identify the major constraints faced by the farmers adopting Paddy-Fish farming system in Bishnupur district of Manipur. The study was conducted by employing a proportionate sampling system with a total of 110 sample farmers. It comprised of 76 Rotational, 24 Concurrent, 5 each of Paddy and Fish monoculture system farmers. The problems were ranked using the Garrett’s Ranking Technique where each rank given by the farmer was converted into scores through the table of Garrett and Woodworth by classifying into three different categories. the findings revealed that water shortage was the most importance problem in all four systems followed by lack of sufficient funds. Other problems include flooding, high cost of fingerlings, lack of proper drainage system, lack of good quality seeds and fingerlings; high price of chemicals and fertilizers were the major problems.

Keyword: Garrett’s ranking; constraints; Rotational system; Concurrent system.

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