Constraints Faced by the Developmental Officials in Implementation of District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP)

Himmat Kumar Jeenger and Gopal Sankhala


An investigation was carried out to identify the constraints affecting the performance of developmental officials working in the District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP). The study was conducted in Rajasmand and Baran districts of Rajasthan. Total thirty four developmental officials were interviewed as sample for the study. The study had established administrative, technical, operational, and financial constraints. Frequent transfer of staff from one project to another, illiteracy among the beneficiary farmers caused problems, inadequate number of staff at field level and large area of jurisdiction under a single supervisor and lack of transport facilities for project personnel to visit the project area due to financial shortage were pointed out as the most serious constraints faced by developmental officials. Based on these constraints, some possible suggestions were made for augmenting their role in effective implementation of second phase of District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP) or other development programs

Keyword: Constraints; Development

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