Constraints and Suggestions Perceived by Post Graduate Students to Start Agri-Entrepreneurship

Suraji Yugender Reddy and M.S. Chandawat


The present study was conducted for finding out the constraints perceived by post-graduate students to start agri-entrepreneurship and suggestions to eliminate them. One hundred and twenty post-graduate students were selected through a proportionate random sampling method. The investigation was conducted in five colleges of Junagadh Agricultural University. The interview method was used for data collection. All constraints were tabulated on the basis of frequency and percentage scores and further ranking of different constraints was made with the help of its percentage scores. The result of the study revealed that the major constraints faced by postgraduate students were; Less practical knowledge about entrepreneurship (40.00%), Lack of positive mindset to have own agricultural enterprise, (35.83%) and Lengthy procedures for getting a bank loan (30.83%) got first, second and third rank respectively. Whereas, major suggestions offered by postgraduate students were; Practical oriented and skill-based entrepreneurial activity should be imparted (46.66%), Training and demonstrations related to modern technology should be conducted (33.33%) and Visits to various enterprises should be undertaken from time to time (23.33%) got first, second and third rank respectively.

Keyword: Constraints; Suggestions; Agri-entrepreneurship; Post graduate students.

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