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Comparative Efficacy of Fertivet and Janova in theTreatment of Post Partum Anestrus in Cows

M.S. Bawaskar, D.S. Raghuwanshi, S.K. Sahatpure and S.S. Bawaskar


Two groups of anestrus cows consisting six cows each were selected for trail. The cows were apparently healthy with history of post-partum anestrus more than 60 days. Per-rectal examination of all the cows revealed normal genital organs but smooth inactive ovaries on two subsequent examinations at 10 days apart. Cows in Group-I were administered Fertivet (Ar-Ex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai) orally 300 mg daily for five days. Treatment was discontinued if cow exhibited estrus earlier than 5 days. In second group, Janova capsules (Dabur Ayurvet) were administrated orally with Jaggary at the dose rate of 3 capsules per animal for two consecutive days. Those cows failed to exhibit estrus within 10th days were given second dose on day 11th and 12th. Both the groups were observed for estrus symptoms thrice daily and animal in estrus was confirmed by per-rectal examination. Signs of estrus were exhibited by all the animals treated with Fertivet and 83.33 per cent cows treated with Janova, respectively. Duration of estrus induction was 4.33+0.91 and 8.2+2.33 days in cows treated with Fertivet and Janova, respectively. Conception rate with Fertivet and Janova was found to be around 50 and 40 per cent, respectively. It is concluded that efficacy of Fertivet on exhibition of estrus, duration for estrus induction and conception rate is superior as compared to Janova.

Keyword: Post partum anestrus; Estrus induction; Ovulation; Conception rate ; Treatment protocols;

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