Comparative Analysis of Fodder and Grain from Dual Purpose Barley vis-a- vis Local Variety in Hills of Uttarakhand, India

Sapna Jarial


Central to the challenge of feed scarcity in hills of Uttarakhand, trials were conducted in hill state of Uttarakhand India in two location of Tehri Garhwal and Pithoragarh districts for fodder grain and residue yields under different management. Fodder quality of the feed was analyzed using proximate principles. Results revealed that, the improved variety BHS 380 performed better in terms of fodder, grain and straw yields. Location wise, the performance in terms of grain and straw yield was commendable in Pithoragarh compared to Tehri Garhwal. In Tehri Garhwal BHS 380 produced substantially higher quantities of grain (4.78t-ha), straw (7.31t-ha) besides 3.78t-ha of green fodder during lean season, likewise in Pithorgarh district BHS 380 yielded higher quantity of grain (7.23 t-ha) and straw(13.80t-ha) besides 1.28 t-ha of green fodder during lean season, under delayed sowing in December. Crude protein in green fodder of BHS 380 was more than the local and can result in quality feeding in fodder scarce season for livestock.

Keyword: Dual purpose; Barley; Dry matter; Green fodder harvest;

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