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Communication Pattern in Drylands of Uttar Pradesh

S.B. Pal, A.K. Singh and Lakhan Singh


A study was conducted with specific objective to understand the process of agricultural information access at farm household level in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. Jalaun from Jhansi division and Hamirpur district from Chitrakoot Dham division were purposively selected for the study. Block Jalaun from district Jalaun and Kurara from district Hamirpur were randomly selected for drawing the sample. A set of four villages from each block were randomly selected. Thus, 50 respondents from each village were identified, which constitute a total sample of 400 respondents. Different communication sources followed by farm households in Bundelkhand region were included under investigation. Exploratory research design was used for the study. The study revealed that the access of different cosmopolite sources was low as compared to interpersonal localite sources. The farmers relied more on neighbourers and private companies’ dealers for information access. There was no organized way of interaction among farmers at farm household level. There is a need to introduce periodicals on cheaper rates for the farmers. Input dealers need to be trained and made skillful, so that right information can be transmitted to the farmers. Possession of land holdings and use of information sources are positively and significantly correlated, except in case of radio. It was found that educational level increases, the use of information sources. There is a need to utilize diverse information sources for obtaining more farm related information by the farmers

Keyword: Agricultural information;

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