Communication Mechanisms of Farmers for Acquisitionof Information on Farm Mechanization

S.D. Patil, S.B. Shinde and P.B. Kharde


Sources of information help the farmer to get acquainted with agriculture technological innovations, technological recommendations and new farm implements. Therefore, present study was conducted in Solapur and Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state to know the communication mechanisms of farmers for acquisition of information on farm mechanization and to study the relationship of sources of information with knowledge and utilization of farm implements. From the findings of the study it can be concluded that overall, majority of the respondents had used personal localite source of information to medium extent and personal cosmopolite sources of information to low extent. Overall, it is concluded that friends, neighours, progressive farmers, relatives and agro service centers are the major source of information to the majority. Majority of them obtained information from Agriculture Assistant. Scientists of Agricultural Universities and KVK experts were also the important sources of information for them. There was a highly significant and positive relationship between the communication sources of the respondents with their knowledge level and utilization index about farm implements. This exhibits the important role of change agents in transfer of technology to the farmers.

Keyword: Farm mechanization; Sources of information; Personal localite sources

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