Communication Gap in Chickpea Production Technology among the Chickpea Growers

I. S.Tomar, S.K. Garg, R. K. Yadav and J. Morya


Role of pulses in Indian agriculture needs mostly an emphasis. Pulses are important constituents of the Indian diet and supply a major part of the Indian protein requirement. Chickpea crops besides being rich in protein and some of the essential amino acids enrich the soil through symbiotic nitrogen fixation from atmosphere. The present study was conducted in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. A representative sample of 140 chickpea growers was drawn from the 10 randomly selected villages of selected block Meghnagar and data were collected through a well structured and pre-tested interview schedule. The study revealed that maximum of the respondent (41.47%) had medium level of communication gap. In case of practice wise communication gap the maximum of the chickpea growers had low communication gap in irrigation management (40.00%). improved variety seed (52.14%), seed treatments (57.14%), seed inoculation (67.86%), disease control (72.14). Medium communication gap was found in practices like recommended dose of fertilizers (56.43%) weed management (71.43%), incest control (57.14%) high communication gap in method of sowing. Practice wise overall communication gap was found to be highest in practices like seed inoculation (50.00%), improved variety seeds (58.33%) irrigation management (54.67%) and overall total communication gap (47.44 %) was found in recommended chickpea production technology among the chickpea growers

Keyword: Communication gap; Chickp

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