Communication Behaviour of Farmers Registered Under m4agriNEI

Achin Kharmudai , Loukham Devarani , D.K. Pandey , Ram Singh and R.J. Singh


The study was carried out on the farmers registered under the mobile based agro-advisory service m4agriNEI which<br />is operating in Meghalaya. 180 respondents were randomly interviewed for the study. It was found that locality<br />channels were the most utilised and probably the most preferred channels for information seeking, processing as<br />well as dissemination. It is observed that majority of the farmers (69.44%) exhibited medium communication<br />behaviour. Through the services provided by m4agriNEI are highly utilised for seeking information, their utilisation<br />for processing and dissemination of information is relatively low. Formation of m4agriNEI facilitated farmers’<br />forum for discussion and sharing of information is suggested.

Keyword: ICTs; Mobile based agro-advisory; m4agriNEI; Communication behaviour

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