College Students’ Perspective on Online Teaching and Learning Methods During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Study

Madhulika Gautam, Neha Agarwal and Ayesha Sharma


The present study was conducted in Agra city of Uttar Pradesh to understand the college students’ perspective on online teaching and learning methods. Multistage stratified random sampling was used to make a sample size of 120 college students who were involved in online classes. The study revealed that the quizzes were more effective activity during Covid-19 than pre-COVID-19 and this difference was found to be significant (2 = 12.79). Significant difference regarding the use of email (2 = 35.62), personal contact (2 = 92.91) and telephonic contact (2 = 14.02) for communication before and during Covid-19 was observed. Also, significant differences were observed in variables demonstration (2 = 4.82), photographs (2 = 7.18), slides (2 = 22.95), recordings (2 = 16.56) and other ICT tools ( 2 = 17.14) along with significant association was found regarding preference to e-library (2 = 7.18), e-pdf (2 = 43.43) and hand notes ( 2 = 45.00). Significant association was found regarding the preference for group discussion with detailed instructions by the teacher (2 = 25.21). The results also found some methods which made classroom more interesting during Covid-19 were photographs, recordings, slides, ICT tools. Teaching learning material like e-pdf, e-textbooks, online quizzes etc were found adequate for students for online classes. Students responded enthusiasm, demonstration method, explaining through AV Aids, virtual availability and encouragement for discussion were very important methods for online classes. Thus, it becomes very important for teachers to identify the methods by which students can interact in class effectively and they can feel more opportunistic after getting interesting productive material which is available online.

Keyword: AV aids; Covid-19; ICT tools; Learning; Pandemic; Teaching.

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