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Capacity of Farmers to Pay for Extension Services

A.K.Singh, Sarju Narain and Jitendra Chauhan


The research study was conducted in randomly selected villages of districts kanpur Nagar and Ramabai Nagar of central Uttar Pradesh. For the collection of data,100 respondents were randomly selected from each district. Thus, a total of 200 respondents were selected for identifying the mechanism, capacity and willingness of farmers to pay for various extension services and enterprises. The study revealed that about 30 per cent farmers possessed the capacity to pay for various extension services while willingness to pay for extension services depended upon severity & urgency of the problems and also on the possibility of economic returns from a particular advice. The study also brought out that the farmers were willing to pay for advice and services in Animal Husbandry & veterinary sector. Growing of cash crops especially vegetables and seed production of important crops was another area for which farmers were ready to pay. The farmers were also ready to accept a reasonable levy charged on certain agricultural products as fee after crop’s harvesting and cost sharing by group of farmers

Keyword: Private extension service

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