Behaviour of Farmers in Adoption of Recommended Technology of Soybean

Ashish Kumar, M. K. Rathod and L. B. Kalantri


The study was conducted in Nagpur district of Maharashtra State. With the help of exploratory research design, data was collected from 150 farmers and analysed with the help of suitable statistical methods. Majority of soybean growers were having partial knowledge and partial adoption of recommended soybean practices. Extent of knowledge, attitude and adoption of recommended practices were found to be medium. In the constraints analysis non availability of labour or cost effective labour, non availability of money at proper time and non availability quality seed were the first three constraints out of fourteen faced by 76.67, 64.67 and 60.00 per cent respondents, respectively.

Keyword: Exploratory research design; Soybean growers; Knowledge; Attitude;

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