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Barriers in Adopting Integrated Farming System in Rajasthan

Lokesh Kumar, Nitesh Kumar Tanwar, Jitendra Kumar Meena and Kailash


The study was conducted on a random sample of 240 farmers in the agro climatic zone (IV a) of Rajasthan state to examine the suggestions for integrated farming systems to overcome the barriers faced by farmers in adopting integrated farming systems. The data were collected by personal contacts. Major suggestions offered by farmers to overcome from the constraints faced by them in adoption of integrated farming system to provide financial support to farmers, Government scheme should be increased for IFS, Provide timely input subsidy, arrange regular training to the famers, Improved low cost technology should be developed which can be easily utilized by small farmers, model units should be established in every block.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Integrated farming system barriers, IFS Problems

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