Awareness of Intermediaries on the Concept of Eco-health Practices in Dairy Sector in Andhra Pradesh

Yerramareddy Roopa and G.R.K Sharma


India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for milk and milk products in the world. The massive increase in milk and milk product demand has compelled small-scale intermediaries to engage in unethical practices that jeopardise product safety measures, raising public health concerns, and polluting the environment. Therefore, an attempt was made fi nd out the awareness of intermediaries in dairy sector on concept of Eco-health practices with respect to environmental aspects, human aspects and product safety using ex-post facto research design. The study was conducted in three different regions of Andhra Pradesh state and one district from each reason was selected purposively. Total 60 intermediaries were randomly selected i.e.10 from rural and 10 from urban area of each district with the help of interview schedule. The findings revealed that there was a significant (P<0.01) positive relationship between the independent variables like education, gross annual income, mass media exposure, extension contact and information seeking behaviour with awareness of intermediaries on Eco-health practices.

Keyword: Intermediaries; Andhra Pradesh; Eco-heath Practices; Awareness; Dairy Sector.

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