Awareness of Farmers about Social Forestry Programme - An Analysis

Swathi Lekshmi, P.S. and R. Annamalai


A study was conducted to assess the awareness level of farmers on various components of Social forestry Programme, implemented by the Social Forestry Department in Kerala State, India. It could be inferred from the study that the awareness level on farm forestry was very high. On the other hand the awareness level on coastal area plantations and fodder plantations was relatively lesser. Variables such as education, material possession, media participation, contact with extension agency and economic motivation had a positive relationship with the awareness level of marginal farmers whereas variables like age, occupation, social participation and risk orientation had a negative influence on awareness. It was also observed that except for education and risk orientation, all the other variables had a positive relationship with the awareness level of small farmers

Keyword: Social forestry; Media pa

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