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Awareness, Access and Purpose of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by the Students of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar

Anil Kumar Malik, A.K. Godara and V.P.S. Yadav


The emergence of ICT has primarily changed the practices of not only business and governance but education as well. While the world is moving rapidly towards digitalization, the role of ICT in education has become increasingly important. A study was carried to determine the awareness, access and purpose of using ICTs by the students of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. Empirical data were collected personally from 200 students through a structured interview schedule and analyzed with the help of appropriate statistical tools by using 26 version Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings of the study revealed that majority of the students (92.50%) were aware about ICT and online agricultural educational portals. All the students had access to mobile phone followed by mobile camera, copier (xerox), etc. Moreover, most of the students used ICT tools/ services for browsing social networking sites and entertainment purpose compared to academic and research purpose. Study also revealed that age, education, medium of schooling, schooling, family education, scientism, job preference, annual expenditure, mass media exposure, information seeking behavior and risk orientation exhibited positive and significant correlation at 0.05 level of probability with their purpose of using ICT tools/services.

Keyword: Awareness; Access; Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs);

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